Monday, May 27, 2013
I think i need a exercise regime

Work, stress about work, terrible neck and shoulder aches.
I have not been sleeping well the past week.

I've also been bouncing around with emotions on an extreme plane.
I'm either
very happy
very upset
very frustrated
very angry
very loved up

All the above emotions rotate throughout the whole day, every day for the past week.

I could probably roll it into ONE definition called = 'very crazy'.

I just suddenly felt like i wasn't doing things right,
or maybe i'm making the wrong choices,
or shit, why am i feeling like this,
I really had NO idea and just…. felt like CRAP.

The reason i'm writing this down is cos surely there must be other people out there who sometimes feel a bit lost like i do too? I mean, i'd like to portray myself as strong all the time and a super fairy, but i've come to terms that i'm HUMAN and not perfect. I never thought of myself as a perfectionist (cos i never was!!) till i got pissed at myself when i cooked something one day and didn’t get it 100% right. Le hubby said: "Baby, you can't expect a dish to come out perfect the first time you try it." And i found myself thinking RIGHT after he said it: "I DO, YES I DO. Cos it usually happens and i want it to happen ALL the time."

Sound like a psycho right. Anyway back to a thought that made me decide to direct my energy to being more… positive.

"Don't define the energy as good or bad or this specific illness, or that habit, or a terrible painting… that same energy is used to do everything so channel or move it from the mental into the physical. Dance more, paint more, move your body, it will give you the information you need and work out the kinks and toxins, as well as help with unlocking memories. It's not tragic, it's what author Joseph Campbell calls The Hero's Journey. It's what Star Wars was based on and many other movies. It's the story of our lives, our purpose. We are the heroes we've been waiting for."

So i guess i will end now.

Posted at 07:37 am by addictive_bliss
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